Monday, November 9, 2015

Recurring Desire

While we are still friends, the persona of "Miss E" has not resurfaced since the earliest experiences that I've written about.  The majority of the time I'm ok with that and I don't obsess over it and we have a great friendship.  However, there are times that I CRAVE her control again....CRAVE being obedient to and pleasing her, and CRAVE performing for her entertainment.

Even though I realize things are not going to return to that earlier dynamic, I do still fervently wish that she would occasionally exert the inherent dominance that she has over me!

I frequently have just the minor fantasy of meeting Miss E for lunch again and having her demand that I wear a chastity device to our lunch date...that I respectfully greet her and kiss her on the cheek, that I wait on her, and buy her lunch (which I always do even as friends), and that before parting ways at the end of lunch she makes me sit in her car and expose my caged manhood for her inspection, then kiss her feet in worship before giggles at me and sends me on my way!!!

One can only hope!!!


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  2. I agree with Cindy Dy completely.

  3. I am a sissy submissive and enjoy female domination.