Monday, November 9, 2015

Recurring Desire

While we are still friends, the persona of "Miss E" has not resurfaced since the earliest experiences that I've written about.  The majority of the time I'm ok with that and I don't obsess over it and we have a great friendship.  However, there are times that I CRAVE her control again....CRAVE being obedient to and pleasing her, and CRAVE performing for her entertainment.

Even though I realize things are not going to return to that earlier dynamic, I do still fervently wish that she would occasionally exert the inherent dominance that she has over me!

I frequently have just the minor fantasy of meeting Miss E for lunch again and having her demand that I wear a chastity device to our lunch date...that I respectfully greet her and kiss her on the cheek, that I wait on her, and buy her lunch (which I always do even as friends), and that before parting ways at the end of lunch she makes me sit in her car and expose my caged manhood for her inspection, then kiss her feet in worship before giggles at me and sends me on my way!!!

One can only hope!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lunchtime Re-awakening

I was excited to lay-out my clothes for the following day.  We were having lunch again.  It had been a few months since we last met up, so I was looking forward to seeing E.

As I selected my best fitting jeans, fitted navy blue button down shirt, and my cowboy boots to wear and try to look my best, the tell tale tune of E's text message rang through the air.  I was a little shocked because she never texts me in the evening, and my heart briefly sank, thinking she was canceling for our lunch date.

However, as I stared at the text, I tried to comprehend what I was seeing...

"You know that plastic cage you've told me about.  I want you to wear that to work tomorrow and bring me the key at lunch."

I was shocked and thrilled...but couldn't quite comprehend.  I thought it was a joke or a mistake, so I replied...

"You want me to wear my chastity cage to lunch????"

And in true E and Miss E fashion, the simple response was...

"Do as your told.  No more texts."

I was thrilled, excited, nervous, anxious, and aroused!!!

After regaining my wits and finished laying out my clothes for the next day, I turned out the lights and tried to sleep, though my fantasies betrayed me and it was a very restless night.

In the morning I awoke, instantly excited, aroused, and nervous again.  My emotions swirled.  Could this really be happening?  Is it a joke?  Do I blindly obey again?   OF COURSE I could I not!

Ever eager to please I put the confining cage on when I woke and headed off to work.

Shortly before lunch I received the normal texts from E...pleasantries and confirming the time and place of lunch.  I was growing ever more uncomfortable and crowded in the plastic confine!

Lunchtime finally arrived and as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw E exiting her car and walking towards our meeting place.  I was in awe watching her cute bottom sway in her perfectly fitting jeans, and her long legs accentuated by her black leather boots.

As is our custom, I hugged her and kissed her cheek upon entering the sandwich shop.  I started to whisper into her ear that I was wearing the cage, but she turned and walked towards the counter, calling over her shoulder "What are you going to get?"   Ugh!  She wasn't going to acknowledge my  obedience!  She knows that drives me wild!

After ordering, I paid for our lunches and we found a secluded table in the back.  Again I started to address the text that I had received the night before, only to be diverted back to a normal conversation.  I could see a slight smile on her beautiful lips, but she showed no other sign of acknowledgement...again causing me great angst!

As we were eating and I was giving my opinion on the latest current event topic that we were discussing, Ms E finally emerged.  With a steely stare and her distinct, melodic, yet firm voice, she interrupted my musings..."Show me your key".

I stammered...she could always keep me off guard, but obediently retrieved the small brass key from my pocket and held the key up for her to see.  She let out a giggle.  "You need to prove that you're wearing it"'.

I almost began to sweat.  There was NO WAY that she would expect me to expose my sheathed member in the restaurant...but then again, she did not embarrass easily and was very confident and I had the slightest feeling that she would make me do just that.   I saw the amusement on her face as she watched my growing discomfort...not only from embarrassment and nervousness, but also from my member trying desperately to grow against it's hard plastic prison.

After what seemed an eternity of angst, she released me from the unknown.  "Go to the bathroom...take a picture of your cage, then remove it, masturbate for me collecting your cum in this plastic cup.  Lock yourself back up and return the key to me"

"Yes Ma'am" was all I could originally muster, but as I pushed back my chair and stood, a brilliant idea flashed across my mind.  "Can I take a picture of you to use in there" I asked with a sly grin.

Again with her steely glare and even tone she replied, "No, you may not.  I know you have pictures of me that you can use.  In fact, show me which one you're going to use."

Once again embarrassed and put in my place, I obediently flipped through the gallery on my phone and produced the picture that I would use for my task.

She simply smiled and told me to go.

I quickly took a picture in my cage, then frantically removed the personal prison.  I was nervous about how long I was taking and hoping that nobody would be waiting outside.  With that uncertainty on my mind it was difficult at first, but I soon found myself thinking only of her, and pleasing her.  I instantly grew hard and completed my task, filling the tiny plastic cup.  I raced to lock myself back in confinement and was pleasantly relieved that nobody was waiting outside the door when I exited.  

I returned to the table, showed her the picture, handed her my key, and shyly slid the tiny plastic cup onto the table, trying to conceal it from any other patrons.  

She smiled at the picture, then glanced down at the cup.  "Show me what you'll do for me.  Pour that on your sandwich and finish it".

I was so incredibly nervous and embarrassed.  But I was so eager to please, and she now had my key, so I needed to obey.  I poured the contents of the cup on my sandwich and ate it down with a twisted frown upon my face.  

"You're such a good boy" she said, much too loudly.  I was certain the nearby tables had heard her.  "Now thank me, for allowing you to do that".

I could feel myself straining against the plastic again as I looked directly into her beautiful brown eyes and thanked her as loudly as I could muster, almost certain that other people had heard our little exchange.

As I started to ask what prompted the return of her dominant side, she just as quickly changed the subject back to typical lunchtime content.

A few minutes later we walked back to our cars, me following behind, watching her sexy feminine sway, that I could only hope that she was exaggerating for my pleasure and torture.

As we reached her car, I leaned in to kiss her cheek, and tried to slide over to her lips. She slapped me with a wicked grin.  "You know better".  I blushed and kissed her cheek, but gently placed my hand on her gorgeous bottom.  She allowed my hand to linger for a few seconds and then pushed me away.  "Thank you for lunch.  I know you have another key at home, so you make unlock yourself after work tonight."

I couldn't speak and returned to my car.  My first message to her after lunch of course was addressing the events, but true to her form, she simply ignored any reference to it, and went on with normal discussion....driving me crazy!

OK, unfortunately this was not an actual event...but it's something that formed in my mind and I haven't made an entry in a long time, so I felt I should write it down...that's what fantasies are for!  I'm not sure I could actually do everything in this fantasy....then again, looking into those gorgeous brown eyes, I could probably do more than I think.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

More Feet

Hopefully this isn't boring, but as I've said before, I never had a foot fetish before being introduced to Miss E's I have a very difficult time not thinking about them at least a few times a day.  So I've decided to put all the pictures in one place :)

Now it's time to enjoy these pics!

Reluctant Dom Continued...

Andrea and I continued to date for a few months....eventually our locations and schedules became too much to overcome.  However, during the dating period, she continued to crave and encourage my inner dominant.  I regularly told her what to wear, even when she was going out with friends...made her take pictures without panties while she was out to eat with friends...write fantasies for me....and I spanked her extremely hard, choked her with my cock and hand a little, and even spanked her hungry cunt...very hard!  To this day she still says that I'm the only guy that has done that to her and she still craves it.  It's unfortunate that we lived so far apart and couldn't continue the relationship...though I believe I would have tired of being the dominant after a while anyway.

Here are some pictures.  She also still contacts me to ask what she is allowed to wear on dates.

Here she is being a good girl...

These pictures are from her asking what she's allowed to wear on her upcoming date...

And asking which underwear to wear...

Of course I made her wear the thong....for easier access.

 She continues to send me pictures and says it's ok to share with I'll be adding more soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Always On My Mind

Although there is no longer any D/s communication with Miss E, we're still friends, but I can't ever completely let go of that desire to serve her....

And I always dream of kissing her beautiful feet!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reluctant Dom

I've mentioned before that although I prefer and crave a strong dominant woman, I usually find myself being the dominant in my relationships.  This is what happened with a woman I dated a few months ago. We met through a "traditional" online dating site, but our initial emailing quickly turned to a sexual nature with an edge.  She initially was very forceful and aggressive, and made many joking comments about how she would put me in my place.  Needless to say I was excited, though a bit nervous since I'm relatively inexperienced in real life settings as a bottom.

However, over the next few weeks (that long due to our schedules and not incredibly close locations) the emailing, texting, and conversations became more equal and eventually, as usual, took on a tone with me as a dominant figure.  When we finally had a chance for our first date, this is how it went...

Early in the afternoon Andrea texted  me to ask what type of restaurant we were meeting at, so that she could select the right outfit....jeans or a short skirt.  I replied that it was more of a jeans establishment, but I wanted her to wear a short skirt.  She immediately replied with "Yes Sir! And I'll wear my tallest heels".

We hadn't met in person yet, so when I saw her walking down the sidewalk in a short tight skirt, tight short sleeve v-neck shirt and high high heels, I was impressed.  She had a stern look on her face, but I had already seen through her bravado.

We embraced, said our hello's and I got us a table on the patio.  The conversation flowed like a typical first date, recalling what we had learned about each other through email and phone conversations and sharing new details.

Having already determined that she had more of a submissive streak than I originally had anticipated, I decided to experiment with her.

While she was deep in conversation, I stared directly into her eyes and interrupted with "Are you wearing panties?"

She was slightly shocked and sat motionless with her mouth hanging open for 5 seconds.  Finally a little smile flashed across her lips and she answered demurely that she was.  I smiled back and instructed her to go to the restroom and remove them immediately.  She hesitated and stammered a bit until I firmly replied "Now".

Andrea obediently stood up and walked inside to the restroom as many sets of eyes were glued to her cute little ass in the short tight skirt.

She returned, discreetly handed her balled up panties to me and began to say that she's never done this before and that she is surprised....I interrupted her again and told her to continue the story that she'd been telling me before.  I could tell this was all having an effect on her as her breathing was a little short and she had difficulty telling her story.

As we ordered desert, I slid her chair closer to mine and ran my hands along her thighs.  She looked around nervously, since we were seated outside, and there were a few other patrons behind us, but she scooted even closer and spread her legs slightly.  As I caressed her thighs she began to squirm just a bit.  Eventually I moved my hand up her skirt and slipped my finger inside of her wetness.  She let out a low gasp and opened her legs further.  Her eyes were wide and glassy as I continued our casual conversation, yet kept my fingers moving inside of her.

After eventually leaving the restaurant I walked her to her car and she invited me in to continue our talk.  We kissed passionately and my hand found it's way back up her skirt.  She pulled her skirt up to her waist and began begging me to enter her.  I calmly told her that she would not be experiencing that pleasure this evening and fingered her to orgasm.  She begged some more, but upon realizing that I wouldn't relent, she unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and sucked me dry.

As I stepped out of her car, she asked if I would fuck her on our next date, and I replied that it depends on how she behaves.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Her Feet

Not much to update on my own personal situation right now, but I do have a new PG rated story to share.  I hope that I'm not boring my visitors too much and welcome any feedback or suggestions, whether it be about my stories, topics, or even me.

This story is a little fantasy about something that just occurred.  I met this girl, Amy, through another friend and we've all hung out from time to time.  We're now friends to that point that we occasionally message each other even when it doesn't involve the mutual friend.  However, Amy is married and it's always just casual conversation about the weekend, books, current events, etc.   Just today I saw a picture of her feet on her Facebook page and "Liked" the picture...this is the fantasy that ensued.


I'm not sure what possessed me to LIKE the picture of Amy's feet on her Facebook page.  I knew that her husband and all of our friends would be able to see my activity, but there was something compelling and alluring about her sexy feet peeking out of her jeans that drove me crazy, as I glanced through the photos sitting at my desk.

A few days had passed and I hadn't given much more thought about it, but also hadn't removed my offending LIKE, when I received a text from our mutual friend Jenny inviting us all to happy hour.  I responded affirmatively to both girls and a few minutes later received a text directly from Amy.

AMY: Great, it will be fun for all of us to get together!  Btw, you like my feet?? HA!

My chest seized momentarily, but realized that she was ok with it and was being playful, but with the image still seared in my mind I decided to push it a little further...

ME (MARK) "It's going to be fun!  And yes, you have very pretty feet Ma'am! ;-) "

After hitting SEND I quickly regretted my response and was ready to apologize and quickly change the subject back to one of the books she's reading.  But luckily, before I could rescind and apologize she responded and the following text conversation occurred.

AMY:  Oh you're one of those guys are you?  You like pretty feet???

ME:  I do Ma'am!

AMY: Hmmm, maybe you should call me Ms Amy, or I'll tell your secret to everyone? ;-)

ME: Yes Ms Amy!!  Please don't tell my secret, I'll do anything!

AMY: Good boy.  We're meeting at my house at 5pm to leave for the happy hour.  I want you here at 4pm!

ME: Yes Ms Amy!!

My heart was racing!  I couldn't grasp what had just happened, but I was full of excitement and nervous energy.

Obediently, I arrived at Amy's house at 4pm.  Amy answered the door in a snug black tank top, tiny white cut-off's and high black, open toe espadrille wedges, with her pretty pink toenails glistening in the sunlight.

"Come on back Mark, oh I mean boy" she cooed as she turned and walked away from the door, her cute round ass swaying back and forth with her hips. "My husband is away, so it's just us waiting for Jenny and maybe a few others to arrive".  She walked through the kitchen and out to the deck with me in tow.

"Pour me some wine and meet me out back" she commanded as she slipped out the door.

I was shocked and overwhelmed, but instantly fell into step.  I poured her wine and quickly delivered it to her on the deck.

Sitting so elegantly with her legs crossed and highlighting her tan sexy legs, she instructed me to sit at her feet.  Amy told me how surprised she was that a tall, strong, handsome man like me could be so easily manipulated by a pair of pretty feet.  She went on to tell me that while she loves her husband dearly and they have a somewhat healthy sex life, he doesn't pay her the attention she deserves and is much too interested in his golfing buddies and work and that she was looking forward to having a loyal pet to pamper her.

Once or twice I started to protest, but she calmly and coldly reminded me that she would simply share my little secret with all of our friends.  She then asked if I was ready to be her little foot slave.  Again I was in a complete state of shock and was responding on autopilot, but instantly replied affirmatively.  At my acquiescence she commanded me to crawl behind her into the kitchen, where she instructed me to completely strip and kiss her feet.  

There I was, naked on her kitchen floor kissing the sexy feet that only a few days before were nothing more than an image on Facebook to me.  As I savored each toe I heard a clicking and looked up to see Ms Amy taking pictures of me.  "Now you are my complete bitch, and if you ever disobey, I'll share these pictures with everyone" she giggled.

As I lay naked on the floor she made me look in her eyes and admit to all of my deviant fetishes.  I was so humiliated, but she was kind and only laughed and ridiculed me a few times.  She began setting up ground rules, like if no one else was around I was to always drop to my knees and kiss her feet and ask what I could do for her and would instantly give her a foot massage unless she instructed me not to, and that she may have me serve her and her friends.  She said she would consider other things like an occasional chastity cage for me and that any disobedience would be result in a humiliating spanking.

Even though I was thoroughly humiliated, I lay on her floor getting aroused.  Ms Amy saw my arousal and laughed out loud, "Now put that thing away, get dressed but no underwear for you.  Our friends will be here any minute.

I quickly dressed and within minutes everyone arrived.  Ms Amy was as cool as ever, while I tried to regain my composure.  I was also extremely paranoid that she would ask me to serve her friends, but fortunately another guy showed up and I knew she would keep this within her girlfriends.

Just before we all left, Ms Amy pulled me into a side room and made me kiss her feet one more time..."Don't forget who owns you bitch" she said with a wry smile and left me kneeling on the floor.....

Again , I know it's not the greatest, but I tend to get anxious about finishing a story and rush to finish it.  There are a few that I've been writing for a while that will possibly be better.

However, my next post will be about actual dates that I've had with some of the more submissive women I've dated.